Kevin Smith to produce a show about Comic Book Store…Nerds rejoice…hit inhaler.

This from

“AMC announced today that the network has greenlit the unscripted television series Secret Stash executive produced by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy), Charlie Corwin’s Original Media (LA Ink, Miami Ink, Storm Chasers and Swamp People) and Elyse Seiden (Red State). Set in Kevin Smith’s iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, the unscripted show captures the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture. Season one is six, one-hour episodes and is currently scheduled for a 1Q 2012 launch. The series exemplifies AMC’s goal to be the definitive home for quality storytelling.”

Ok well if you’re a geek and into all things pop culture like myself then this may sound like a cool idea, but I can say from experience that this will be “Probably Fucking Stupid.” Now i say probably so I can reserve my right to change my mind but I when I was growing up I was a huge comic book fan and when I was 18 I got a part time job at a comic book store thinking it would be heaven.  Well the reality was just like every other job, it fucking sucked.  You think you’re gonna have all these cool conversations with fans about weather Batman could defeat Superman etc, but no it was like everywhere else I worked where 92% of the customers were miserable dicks.  Most customers wandered into the street to look around and ask dumb questions, and the regulars who weren’t my friends were either introverted anti-social zombies or finicky douche-bags that would refuse to buy a comic if in the light had a finger print on it.

I assume when people who work in a tattoo shop watch Miami Ink they think “wow that looks a lot more fun than working here” this will be the same for the guys that work at comic book establishments.  Also maybe some of my other jaded point of view might stem from my complete disdain for all things Kevin Smith.  Let me preface that by saying I own an autographed copy of the script for Chasing Amy.  That being said, lump him right into the rest of the people I idolized in the past that have completely let me down.  With Smith it’s not even his work that let me down. (which it has) It’s how social media turned him into a insecure asshole.  When you see “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” now with them at the conclusion of the movie flying around beating people up who bad mouthed them on the internet, this wasn’t a clever joke.  It was Kevin Smith living out a fantasy of his.  Now ever since the invention of Twitter he’s just off his god damn rocker, when a more sane person who just enjoy their success and leave well enough alone.

That being said…

Will I see Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror movie Red State when it is released? Will I watch this show when it shows up on AMC?

I started this article claiming to be a geek, so of course I will.


~ by ATOM on September 2, 2011.

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