Ultimate Hawkeye #1

Well I ventured to the comic store this week and yet again Hawkeye was in a polybag, which was weird because it’s just a Hawkeye miniseries book. As I was checking out, both myself and the comic guy agreed that the polybag shit was ridiculous, so I’m not alone. He even said Hickman is probably like.. why do they keep doing this? Anyways I’m not going to go on another tear about, so here’s my review.

The artwork was very good in this issue; unfortunately I found that was the best part. The story revolves around a group of SEAR scientists, who invented pretty much a cure to rid the planet of mutants and any x-genes that might manifest in the future. Well looks like we’re doing a whole “no more mutants angle again”. I feel like this is brought up a lot, and its getting very old. As it turns out that was only part 1 of the scientists “Plan”. Once all that is said and done and there are no more mutants, they are going to inject a serum into dedicated followers to create super humans. You get to see some of these super humans in action, but I didn’t really care about it. One of them was basically a Green Lantern creating weapons with his mind. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the serum angle was used in Ultimate Avengers 5 and Captain America not too long ago, but not as extreme. Anyways I couldn’t care less about the story because it seems like same old same old to me. Nevertheless there were some good parts, it had a good amount of action and Hawkeye is wearing his old suit from Millar’s Ultimates, which was pretty cool.

It also coincides with the Ultimates book from last week, when Hawkeye is talking to Fury on the big screen that I also thought was cool. I would suggest just reading it in the store (feel free to open the polybag just don’t blame me) if you’re still curious and not buying it, I’m probably not getting the next one, it just didn’t blow my hair back.




~ by ATOM on September 1, 2011.

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