Upcoming Games (Best of)

Well it looks like you need to start working some extra hours if you want to afford all these great games coming out. E-train here with my list of games you need to buy in the next few months

Kicking off our list is Deus Ex: human revolution




This game came out last week and its first on my list to pick up. I cannot wait to play this game and by the looks of it there is a heavy blade runner influence in this game which is never a bad thing. Deus Ex blends action and role-playing styles and pulls off a first person and 3rd person cover system in the vein of Rainbow Six Vegas. Deus Ex is one of those games that leaves it up to you on how to tackle a mission. You can sneak in undetected or storm in a hail gun fire. This game also boasts a great soundtrack which Ive listened to numerous times already. Out now for all platforms, Gamespot.com gave it an 8.5.

second on our list is Dead Island

When the trailer for this game first came out my jaw was on the floor.  Never have I seen a video game trailer done so well. Dead island will be a mixture of Left 4 Dead and Far Cry 2 giving a free roam style on an island filled with zombies. Drive cars, help people, mow down zombies or complete the main quest of surviving and getting off the island. Dead island will give you both a single player campaign and a multi-player co-op campaign. can’t wait for this one which drops next week 9/6/11, coming out for all platforms.

Next up is Gears of War 3

<iframe width=”460″ height=”305″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/-y-vt1BkHqI&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Finally we can all get our hands on Gears 3 next week.  Things are shaping up for this third installment, plot sounds great and were getting more characters. If you’re a fan of this action sci-fi shooter then odds are your picking this up the day it comes out as will I. Gears 3 drops 9/20/11 so get your Lancers ready. Coming out for Xbox 360 only.


Really excited for this one. Rage is a first person shooter RPG by the makers of Doom. You a explore a world of the not too distant future where an asteroid has hit the earth leaving a ravaged wasteland. Seems alot like Fallout 3 but with a more modern feel to it. Rage will let drive vehicles, fight gangs of raiders and explore the wasteland. Rage was delayed earlier this year but hopefully will be available 10/4 for all platforms.

last but not least is Mass Effect 3

The long-awaited third installment to the epic space action adventure trilogy. Commander Shepherds next mission is to save earth from the Reapers.  Personally I cant wait to see what characters return and how they fit into the new story. If you haven’t played the previous entries to this series then get the off your ass! Mass Effect is one of the greatest space adventure series to come out since Star Wars. Mass Effect 3 doesn’t drop until march 6 of next year, my birthday hi-yah!!, coming out for all platforms.
Well all those will round out to a pretty penny so start saving up all your nickles and dimes. E-train out!


~ by ATOM on August 31, 2011.

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