Hobo With a Shotgun (review)

"Hobo demands change!"

Hobo with a Shotgun is a film directed by Jason Eisener derived from a fake trailer made for an international contest for the movie “Grindhouse”  The trailer won the contest and was eventually made into a full length feature starring Rutger Hauer.  Hobo with a Shotgun premiered at Sundance 2011 and did very well, currently holding a Tomato rating of 67%.   After being a huge fan of this trailer I couldn’t wait to see this film and much to my delight it show up streaming on Netflix recently.  So tonight I sat down and finally feasted my eyes on Hobo with a Shotgun.

The plot is pretty simple, a Hobo comes to a crime ridden town run by a corrupt villain named Drake and his two sadistic sons Ivan and Slick. (Named after two characters from the NES game River City Ransom??)  The crime is too much for this Hobo to bear so he trades in his nickels and dimes for a shotgun and goes on a killing spree, cleaning up the streets.  Also add in a helpless prostitute named Abby for the Hobo to befriend and protect and there you have your story and away you go.

In a recent review I sort of shat upon James Gunn’s “Super” for being unnecessarily violent and gory, but a movie like Hobo with a Shot does it with a wink and fart that really works. So over the top with the blood it touches Evil Dead and Troma territory.  The plot, visual style and the over feel of this film almost comes off as existing somewhere between the reality where The Warriors took place and an early 90‘s Arcade cabinet side scroller.  Totally paying tribute to over the top boarder line grind house action films that you peeped on Cinemax as a kid.   If you watch this movie and think it’s over the top and the dialog is corny as hell then you really missed the point.

Where you could almost dismiss this movie as just a bloody romp is the performance of Rutger Hauer who you can tell really believes in this project through his onscreen performance.  This movie is a roll of the dice that pays off with every exploding head and severed limb.  To top it all off, only true fans of really terrible action movies of a time lost will dig the shit out of the song the film maker chooses to close the film with.  In my humble opinion this movie actually succeeds where both Grindhouse movies kinda lost me.  I thought those flicks took themselves just an inch too serious where this movie just says “fuck it”

Verdict: B+ (Stream it now, Buy it used) (Fun with friends!)

MUSIC SPOILER!!!! End Credit Song


~ by ATOM on August 31, 2011.

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