New on DVD and in Theaters this week.

Yes Please

In Theater’s This Week: 9/2/11

Apollo 18: Not a sequel to Apollo 13; this is one of those: Something bad happened  a long ago but the footage was recovered and for 12.50 you can be in the secret club of people to see the footage! RAH!!! So it’s Blair Witch on the moon pretty much, no reviews for this flick yet which is ALWAYS a good sign.  It’s usually because the movie is so good they don’t want anyone saying anything good about it, ya follow?

Shark Night 3D: Another movie not screened for critics; this is like piranha 3D…but with Sharks.  Also if you’ve seen the trailer it seems most of the movie takes place during the day.  In a nut shell, if you want a corny headache of a movie, by all means.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of Toynbee Tiles: I featured this movie in trailers this week. so far on the rotten tomatoes meter it’s at 60%. It’s a documentary about strange tiles found on city streets for the past 30 years with no explanation.  This is my pick of the week if you can find it.

DVD this week.

Tyler Perry’s Madia’s Big Happy Family: RTM 39% I won’t even bother crapping on these movies, it’s like picking on a kids movie that wasn’t made for adults.  The bottom line is these movies are made for a target audience and this white, non-Christian, cynical, 30 something know-it-all jerk face finds no use in telling you weather to see it or not.

Prom: RTM: 34% What an inventive title for a movie about teens going to the prom.  I’m gonna guess a similar amount of thought went into the script, direction, promotion, etc.  I don’t have to tell you if this movie is good or bad.

DVD of the Week
Coen Brother’s Collection on Blu-Ray:  Raising Arizona, Blood Simple and Miller’s Crossing.  If you love the Coen’s than this is a great addition to your collections.  All 3 of these movies are very good if you’ve never seen em, buy this.

Honorable Mention: Sons of Anarchy Season 3: This show they say is great TV.  I have to say “They” because I tried this show and I didn’t like it, I found the characters unlikable and the pace slow and boring.  BUT….people who’s opinion I respect say it got very good, also Henry Rollins shows up so it can’t be all that bad.


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