Trailer Trash.

It’s the end of the weekend and you know what that means? TRAILERS! and some good ones this week. Enjoy.

Coriolanus: Gerard Bulter was one chick flick away from being excommunicated from the badass club (It’s just me and my cat) But after one look at this trailer it’s safe to say his membership is safe until The Bounty Hunter 2.  Ralph Fiennes also stars and directs.

The Darkest Hour: This trailer pist me off because the first screenplay I ever wrote was called “The Darkest Hour” and obviously these guys raided my parents old HP computer that was thrown out back in 1998 and stole my script.  After viewing the trailer I realized this was not the case, because this movie is about Aliens you can’t see and mine was about vampires you can’t see.  :::wipes brow::

“Shut Up Little Man” This documentary is about two dudes (punk rockers, so i can call em dudes) who recorded their neighbors fighting with each for about a year.  The trailer is a lot funnier than my description.  The 1:34 mark of the trailer made me lol, which is not something I say as an uncomfortable response.  If I type “lol” i actually did.

Resurrect Dead: Another documentary this time a man tries to unravel the mystery of these tiles found all over the country with a cryptic message.  This one also looks very cool, although not narrated by Robert Stack due to death.

Finally the trailer of the week goes to “Drive” staring Ryan Gosling.  Now at first I rolled my eyes at the idea of a movie about fast cars with Ryan Gosling but once I heard this movie was very successful at Cannes I checked it out and I dug the shit out of this trailer. I will be seeing this flick when it gets released, also Hank Scorpio is in it, so you really can’t go wrong.


~ by ATOM on August 28, 2011.

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