Twitter Like a Boss!

He woulda been a boss on twitter, but probably would have hated it.

Are you getting sick of signing on to Twitter and reading your friends stupid boring mundane bullshit?  Bitching about life, tweeting a picture of what they are eating or trying to make you support them on whatever stupid hobby they’ve adopted this week.  Well here’s a list of people you should be following on Twitter with a high entertainment value.

@Pop_Junk (Fuckin right!) (Ex: Read my fuckin’ Blog, jerk!)

Adam McKay/@GhostPanther/Director, Funny or Die Founder (ex:I think i discovered a new truism. Huff diesal fuel and masturbate on an overpass and you will meet new people.)

Aziz Ansari/@azizansari /”Parks & Recreation,” “Human Giant; (ex:Entourage Episode Idea 1: E can’t get cell service, Turtle gets a bad haircut, Drama has an ingrown toe nail, and Vince eats a banana.)

Paul Scheer/@paulscheer/”Human Giant  (EX: Thought 500 Days of Summer did a great job setting up Cobra Commander’s character in GI Joe. It is a prequel, right?)

Tim Heidecker/@timheidecker/”Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job” (EX:Almost had my phone confiscated trying to take pic of girl wearing silver SEINFELD belt buckle at airport. Didn’t get the shot. :()

Michael Ian Black/@michaelianblack/”Michael & Michael Have Issues” (ex: In Spain. Saw some incredibly sexy chests on the topless beach. Some of the ladies looked good, too.)

Paul Tompkins/@PFTompkins/”Best Week Ever” (ex:Heading to the wedding of dear friends in Massachusetts. Via train. You know what that means– *sigh*– there’s sure to be a murder mystery.)

Whitney Cummings/@WhitneyCummings/Stand-Up, Actress (ex: Women who wear high heels at the airport should not be able to vote.)

The Terminator@111001001101010 T-800 (ex: Sarah Connor?)

Norm McDonald/ @normmacdonald/  (ex:The psychopathic tyrant Moammar Gadhaffi cannot be found. Geez, I hope he’s ok.)

 Colt Cabana/  @ColtCabana/ “Wrestler/Comedian”  (ex: Whenever I tell @CMPunk I’ve never seen Monster Squad he looks at me ina disappointed dad face & goes “Wolfmans Got Nards?!”)

Batman @God_Damn_Batman (ex:Batmanned (Verb). To be set upon with terrifying force before you know what the hell hit you. “I just got Batmanned and can’t feel my legs.”)

CM PUNK/ @CMPunk/Wrestler, Pop Culture Icon (ex: Most of you are stupid.)


~ by ATOM on August 25, 2011.

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