Comic Pick of the Week: The Ultimates

I think I've seen this movie before.

So I started off my day heading to Newbury Comics to get my weekly comic folder. I walk in grab my books and see what other new comics are out. I look on the rack and I see yet another polybag variant, this time its the new Ultimates book. I’m thinking to myself, really? Another fucking polybag. In my mind it’s just to sell more books to people who don’t even by comics. Joe Schmo walks in, oh Wow! This comic is in a bag and its number one, gonna put my kids through college with this. Wrong! Comics are just way over printed now they’ll never be worth anything like the golden and silver age stuff. So please enough with the bags, I know it’s only a bag but fuck that shit; I like to look through the book before I buy it sometimes. Anyway on to the review for Ultimate comics Ultimates, you don’t need Ultimates twice if you ask me.

This issue has a pretty solid story so far, I would expect nothing less from Hickman, and the art is better than I thought it would be due to someone saying it was kinda crappy. It starts out with some bozo in a purple jump suit, which I believe is Reed Richards trying to set up shop and build a dome. A New Excalibur team is formed which is kinda cool, and Asgardians are raiding a beer factory, which is always a plus. Jamie Braddock the new Captain Britain is offered a mug of beer by Thor, but dumps it out and Thor’s face is classic, awesome panel.

Iron man can now operate an iron man suit via headset, which kinda takes the fun out of it being Stark in the suit. When two naval armies are about to attack each other, iron man steps in, but when he boards one of the ships it’s empty of people but not Nukes saying Stark Industries. He’s got sum ‘splainin to do! So basically a nuclear bomb goes off in the ocean and it leaves Tony incapacitated due to the extreme feedback. Lucky for him it was just a robotic suit. Gotta love Explosions!

Then the dome in Germany sucks in Captain Britain showing us a whole city of highly intelligent people operating machines and flying. Obviously that’s going to be the main focus of this story and it did indeed peek my interest. Last panel ends with a scared shitless face on Nick Fury. It kind of looks like he shit himself. Now this has the potential to be a really kick ass arc, but I’ve been misled in the past so I’m not getting my hopes up. The one thing that I didn’t like was no Captain America in this issue, but I’m sure he’ll be in the next. I’ll be buying the next one for sure, so if you’re a fan of FF and Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four you’ll be interested in this book. Buy it!




~ by ATOM on August 24, 2011.

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