Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday (8/22/11)

"I wasn't drunk, noob!"

Wanted to start this Raw review with Matt Hardy’s mug shot from his DUI this past weekend where he claimed he wasn’t drunk, he was just munching on grapes and lost control of the wheel.

Raw opens with Del Rio coming to the ring, bragging about this and that and is interrupted by Cena who claims he will win back the title. Punk interrupts and asks if this is a re-run (which is feels like) and then Triple H enters the fray.   They fight about who gets a title shot at Night of Champions which results in the main event for tonight; Punk vs Cena.  This might be the first Raw main event with any meaning in months.  (I guess last week was a title match but no one thought Rey would win) Regardless a good open and even though it’s a retread match, Punk/Cena is always a good show.
Del Rio sticks around to face super jobber John Morrison.  Decent match, but Del Rio gets the clean win.  Melina decides not to increase her indy booking fee with another lose by Morrison.
Eve Torres Vs (a) Bella Twin.
A Bella twin wrestles every single Raw, why? Decent for a diva’s match, crowd seemed out of it.  Eve gets the clean win and then the Diva’s of Doom walk out to the ramp and golf clap again for a second straight week.  Seemed like they were going in the right direction with the Divas and then this shit again.
Winner: Eve.
 Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley
A rematch from last week’s classic, this one was much shorter due to interference from Dolph Ziggler over Swagger’s inclusion into Vicki’s million dollar corporation.
Winner: Alex Riley.
Triple H/ Kevin Nash Segment.  Triple H calls out Kevin Nash and Triple H yells at him for jumping CM Punk at Summerslam, and they
discuss text-gate on who called who, blah blah blah.  Cm Punk came out to liven up the segment which he always does very well.  It’s been reported that he has free riegn on the mic and its obvious because he comes off the least scripted and most genuine. It ended with Punk insulting everyone and getting punched by Kevin Nash, which for Punk seems like the equivelent of a girl throwing a drink in your face. Triple H retreats with Nash and tells him he has to lave the arena.
Evan Bourn/Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga/Michael McGillicutty. (For the Tag-Team Titles)

It’s become cliche to explain how bad the tag-team division in the WWE is, so in order to rebuild, the first logical step would be
to take the straps off of these two boobs.  McGillicutty I don’t hate, he’s got promise (first lose the stupid hat) but Otunga is down right awful.  He’s got a good look but is dreadful in the ring, he just looks plain bored, and so do I.  As this match started th gauntlet was thrown down by my buddy. “If Kofi and Bourn lose I’m shutting the TV off, for 30 seconds”  Well I can’t deal with 30 seconds of awkward silence, so let’s go boys!  This match was quick and under whelming but two guys that can leap really high won the bout and the other two hopefully are going back down the FCW.  Now I feel sorta guilty saying send these guys down to FCW but Repackage Henning and lose the stupid name, and Otunga could be good he just needs time.  That being said, BEAT IT!

Winner: Team Kofi/Bourn

Backstage: Afterwards Johnny Ace informs Triple H that Nash has been in a car accident, maybe it was the Stiners extracting revenge for when Nash and Hall ran them off the road and their car exploded on Nitro.  (atleast thats how I remember it) Triple H puts Super Dave in charge and runs off to hold Nash’s hand. Me thinks this might not be as it seems, stay tuned.

Promo:  The Team of The Miz and R-Truth who I actually think work well together, came out to cut a “We’re being under used/uou suck crowd” promo that kept my attention and was pretty entertaining.  The word is Vince has plans to thrust The Miz back into the title picture so this was just a way to keep him on TV. If Punk vs Austin at Wrestlemania is just a fairy tale, then I believe that a Punk/Miz program for Mania (For the title perhaps) would be the best way to go.  We shall see.

Main Event: John Cena vs CM Punk (#1 Contender match)

I’ve come to realize that be it Pay-Per-View, House show, or Raw, CM Punk and John Cena always have a good match.
Now I’m a total mark for CM Punk, but despite popular belief you need two good wrestlers to have a great match and
Cena definitely holds his own against Punk.  Yet during his bouts with Cena I’ve come to realize why Punk may
indeed be the best in the world.  Punk is a 5 tool player, which is a baseball reference that mean he has the
5 most important tools and he excels at all of them.  No one can touch Punk on the microphone, he can be technical
the ring, he can high fly, brawl, he’s crisp and doesn’t hurt anyone, much in the vain of a Bret Hart type.  Needless to say the match
mirrored their last two pay-pre-view bouts, very entertaining but had a predictable ending in my point of view.  Kevin Nash distracts
Punk, Cena gets the pin falls and is number one contender.  They close the show with Del Rio attacking Cena, the end.

Winner: Cena

I think these last few weeks have let the tires out of Punk’s so-called “reality” Era.  With an “Oh my god, Nash has been in a car accident” angle right out of 1999 to 2010.  No more breaking down the forth wall, no more unpredictability, Punk now seems caught right back into the machine of mediocrity. The character of CM Punk after the whole threatening to leave seemed so organic and tangible that it sucked you back in and you can’t wait to see where they were going with it.  Yet I believe once Triple H, Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio was placed in the mix everything became translucent again.  I enjoy Del Rio, but I feel that guys like Del Rio and The Miz are too cartoonish type characters to exist inside Punk’s “reality era” and I just see them
reverting back to the old way.  Trust me when I say this, it’s not sour grapes, I firmly believe you don’t need to
have CM Punk title chase to be entertaining, but I just see this all ending badly.  Everyone keeps saying have patients and
let it play out, but the truth is I’ve done that before, and it always ends bad.

It seems obvious but when things change, things change.

~ by ATOM on August 23, 2011.

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