“Super” movie review (no pun)

I don't know about you, but my sexual fantasies usually involve an A-cup.

I’ve never been too proud unlike most people to admit I am wrong from time to time.  Well two weeks ago when I did a post about upcoming movies on DVD I dismissed a movie I had never seen before as “probably” stupid.  This movie in question was “Super” starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page and once I finished the article I figured that was that.  Well this past weekend I found myself at a party with some hip-cats and I engaged into a movie conversation with my upstairs neighbor.  Now this man I’ve known half my life and has never stirred me in the wrong direction as far as Pop Culture is concerned.  This man is 4 years my senior and in the past has turned my attention to such things as “The Watchmen” “The Dark Knight Returns” “The Walking Dead” and “Battlestar Gallactica” All of these things after either reading or viewing I would return them to him and praise him for correcting my ignorance of recognizing the brilliants of such works of art.  Well said neighbor said that he had a copy of “Super” a movie I panned on this here blog and he informed me that I would “love” this movie.  After a more in-depth synopsis I submitted to his suggestion and he let me borrow the movie and I just finished it 20 minutes ago.  My initial review in my head was “I didn’t hate it” which is never a good sign.  Anyhow this is me serving my own brand of justice to a piece of art I dismissed before viewing. (my bad) Here’s my review of “Super”

Rainn Wilson plays a loser who’s drug addict recovering wife (Liv Tyler) is snatched up by a villainous drug dealer played by Kevin Bacon.  Not knowing how to handle the situation Wilson’s character “Frank” decides to become a Superhero named “The Crimson Bolt” and is eventually aided by young girl played by Ellen Page.

Well that brief synopsis does very little justice to the movie itself since as soon as this flick gets off the ground I knew why this movie was recommended to me.  The violence, blood and gore is ridiculous and over the top.  My problem is for instance a Sam Raimi movie it’s all done with a wink and a smile, in this movie it just made me feel uncomfortable, not squeamish uncomfortable but more confusion and  asking myself “why is this happening?”

When Frank becomes the Crimson Bolt he has a pipe wrench and whacking drug dealers over the face with it, pretty much bludgeoning them to death.  Now I believe this was filmmaker James Gunn’s attempt at humor, but this movie totes the line between realistic and ridiculous too much to make me laugh.  It seemed lost on where it wanted the viewer to be, between funny and uncomfortable.

Most of the scene with Ellen Page made me stop analyzing and start enjoying because her performance actually makes this movie a bit worth while.  As well as Kevin Bacon who I always say is incredibly under rated as a villain.

So this movie just lumbers on through the absurd until the very end where I thought maybe would take a slight swerve and trick the audience, but it didn’t maybe I was giving this movie too much credit.  Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn did this idea better and more entertaining with Kick-Ass and when given the chance to be something different “Super” decides it doesn’t want to.  It’s high points are it’s ridiculous gore which is something to be marveled at but sort of distracts the task at hand.  Also as mentioned Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon are very entertaining and making some of this film entertaining.  The rest is was Rainn Wilson kind of pissing me off.
Overall: C-  see it, don’t buy it.



~ by ATOM on August 22, 2011.

One Response to ““Super” movie review (no pun)”

  1. Quickie review IMO:
    +a few giggle-inducing moments
    -Waaay too many moments if “Wait, seriously?”
    +Some fun off beat indy film dialogue, very refreshing
    -I dont like how I wasnt sure what was crazy and what was not crazy.
    -Not enough Nathan Fillian
    -Not enough Linda Cardalini
    -I probably dont like Rainn Wilson enough (at all) to have even given this movie a fighting chance.
    +I love Ellen Page
    -I love Ellen Page and this wasn’t her finest character. Her “funny” laugh made Willow (our lovely cat) leave the room.
    Basically this film walks a line between realism and complete crazybullshithour… And that mix is not yummy.

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