Trailer Trash! (movie trailers for poor people)

"Can you fly Bobby?"

Can’t make it out to the movies?  Are the previews your favorite part, too lazy to go on the old internet and look em up? well your in luck because every Sunday night Pop Junk gives you TRAILER TRASH!

When I took a film class in college (Yes i went to college, it was brief) A film professor told me quote “If all your doing is watching American movies released in bullshit movie theaters then all your doing is jerking off.” I didn’t know how exactly to take that.  At first I thought it was a sexual advance, then I thought it was cool a professor said “jerking off” Then it hit me…Watch more kung-fu movies!

When I heard Hollywood was making a “Battleship” movie I laughed…then I heard Liam Nesson was in it and I thought well I’ll recommend it to my dad since he likes corny war movies, and Liam Nesson rules.  Well when I saw the trailer it surpassed my expectation of how stupid a movie could be..well a Battleship movie. (Sorry Dad, you can’t watch Battleship anymore.

The John Carter of Mars trailer went up a few weeks ago but I’m putting it anyways because after I viewed the trailer I thought, this movie could be amazing or it could totally suck.  Either way color me intrigued.  My old roommate got me up to speed on these books because he’s a huge Edgar Rice Burroughs fan (The author of “Princess of Mars, which this movie is based on) and he gave the trailer a thumbs up.  Keep in mind he lost his fingers in a horrible scooter accident and only has thumbs so who knows.


No one ever asked for a Ghost Rider movie (no one!) Sure as shit nobody asked for a sequel.  Well according to Marvel, no one cares what you want.  Here’s the brand new trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. For an added bonus both directors (?) introduce the trailer for no good reason.  Thanks guys!


Killer Elite: This looks like every other Jason Statham movie (Not necessarily a bad thing is you wanna see ‘spositions) except with some credible actors (Clive Owen plays the bad guy and Robert Di Niro plays the Sean Connery helpless father role)  So check out the trailer already.  (Scorpions for the win????)

50/50: Sweet, a comedy about cancer to lift the old spirits.  This is a good first date movie because lets be honest, win lose or draw the chick your with it’s gonna be all weepy and rubbery after this flick which increases your chances by 11%. (I checked Wikipedia)  Anywho, I’m a big JGL fan and Superbad was funny (when i saw it the first time, then had to relive it everyday when people at work saw it) So this movie has a very high ceiling and does look legitimately funny so go check out the trailer.


~ by ATOM on August 21, 2011.

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