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X-Men Schism #3

Recap: Wolverine and Cyclops went to speak against anti-mutant technology at an international arms conference. During which Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) uses his mutant powers making everyone there would expose their deepest darkest secrets. This set off an international incident in which all of the countries all over the world place their sentinels back online. Most of which, have been malfunctioning and attacking humans and mutants.

Cyclops then had a group of mutants go to the Museum of Mutant History’s opening. Unfortunately, this is all going according to plan for Kade Kilgore, the new 12-year-old black king of the hellfire club. Locked and loaded, Kade and his inner circle are about to lead an attack on the museum.

Now for the review: I really like Acuna’s art its very fitting for this book. The villains are all preteens and heirs to their parent’s fortunes which makes them easy to hate. You just want to see the X-Men squash these rich little shits. Unfortunately, with all of their resources they branched out and bought a ton of intergalactic weapons specially designed to take out the X-Men. Some of the characters from generation hope (Idie) are in this issue, one of which Wolverine has taken it upon himself to look after her. The brain slugs used to incapacitate the X-Men are disgusting I can only imagine what that would feel like (yucky?). Eventually the attack on the museum was a complete success for Kade Kilgore (bastard). But Idie is still there and has a telepathic link to Cyclops, and doesn’t know what to do; all the while he’s also talking to Wolverine. The arguing back and forth from Cyclops to Wolverine whether to have Idie fight back is awesome, I can definitely sense a split of the X-Men after this series. I love the way Cyclops is written now, and he’s a complete badass and a very likable character. As it turns out, he doesn’t listen to Wolverine and has Idie do what she thinks is right. That’s really gonna piss of Wolverine! Eventually Idie uses her fire and ice powers to take out some hellfire soldiers and get people to safety, but there’s a bomb and it goes off. This part with Cyclops and Woverine is also really cool because you can see both sides of the coin during the argument, but which side will you choose when they split? They’re still arguing back and forth and Wolverine’s claws come out, but not by his own doing, the bomb turned out to be a new type of sentinel that attracts all metal to form itself… pretty damn cool. The last panel was drawn really well… golf clap for Acuna! This was a really good issue and a definite buy with a lot of action, can’t wait for the next one. Jason Aaron is one of the best writers in Marvel in my opinion. Not a perfect five but damn close 4.5 outta 5



~ by ATOM on August 20, 2011.

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