West Memphis Three…..free. (not a joke)

I guess this is movie related since it was a pair of HBO documentaries that brought this information to the public.  The group known as “The West Memphis Three” a group of three young men convicted of murdering three children in West Memphis in 1993.  During the trial the prosecution put forth the idea that they were Satan worshipers more and less because they were socially awkward and listened to Metallica and people from West Memphis are pretty sharp.  Anyhow, the police that handled the situation turned it into a mess, the trail was a mess and these kids have been in jail for 18 years because they look funny.

Well today those guys were finally set free, not without one last kick in the ass on the way out of jail.

“Their legal absolution, however, was not clear-cut. In an agreement with prosecutors, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelley, both 36, and Jason Baldwin, 34, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder charges but will also able to claim they are innocent, a rare arrangement known as an Alford plea.”

The LA Times reported that today.  Meaning there was no accountability for this fiasco, but I guess those three guys can be pist off at home in their own beds now.


This story really fascinates me to no end…Damon Echols was at one point 3 weeks away from being executed and has been on death row for the past 10 years, some truly heavy shit.

Point being, there are two fantastic documentaries put out by HBO and now a third on the way, here’s a peak at it, and I recommend finding the other two if you’ve never seen them.  They’re highly entertaining, informative and if you have a half a brain it will get you pretty fired up over this whole mess.




~ by ATOM on August 19, 2011.

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