Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday/Wednesday (i was busy)

disclaimer: Since Summerslam was so good I decided to put down the laptop and actually watch Raw…which was a mistake because it was kind of lack luster in my opinion but non the less here is a quick run down and the best spot of the night.

Triple H opens the show once again to apologise to John Cena for missing his foot on the rope last night at Summerslam.  Then he dives right in and claims he gave Kevin Nash two tickets to paradise (Summerslam) but had no idea why he attacked Punk.  Then he introduces the new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (as predicted by me!…and everyone else on the internet) who enters the ring (sans car) and gives a mediocre promo about how everyone in San Diego needs a new a area code.

During this spot and the next there’s a guy in a pretty funny/awesome/depressing Ultimate Warrior outfit.

John Morrison vs R-Truth (Falls count anywhere)

Lotta Truth talking to himself and a good finish with Morrison suplexing Truth into a comfy office chair and then kicking his face off.  Morrison finally picks up
a win.

Winner John Morrison

The Miz vs Jarred from Subway…who’s a more pathetic pitchman.

Winner: The Miz

Kelly Kelly and Eve Vs The Bella Twins; very little attention was paid to this match.

Winner: Kelly Kelly and Eve (I think)

Kevin Nash walks out with no music.  I wish they used the Marvel vs Capcom 2

He confirmed that he had Triple H’s permission to attend Summerslam but claims he got a text message asking him to Jack knife the winner.  He calls out Triple H but out comes CM Punk.  CM Punk out promos Kevin Nash pretty well and predictably Nash goes to the well which is “We changed the business”

Listen, the NWO angle (ripped off from a New Japan angle) was cool for like 6 months and then it sucked and sucked hard.  Me and a friend recently got into a conversation about how we used to all watch Nitro together back in high school but secretly didn’t want to but wouldn’t speak up to the group.I know, pathetic, but true.   Point being the angle wasn’t as good as everyone remembers it.

Punk walks down to the ring but security surrounds the ring.

Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger (FUCK!)

Perfect time for a bathroom break, but someone beat me to the punch so I had to watch this technical masterpiece with some five star commentary with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.  Actually Ziggler’s dry sarcasm was appreicated, the botched finish my Swagger and Riley was not.
Oh and Vickie stole JR’s hat, probably via instructions over the headset to make something happen.  Dolph also stomped on JR’s hat, this whole segment was a train wreck, you may have heard the faint call of “cut to commerical” or “Quick another
Rey Mysterio highlight”….ah! thank goodness.

Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio:  Decent match, and a clean win by Del Rio.  Post match beat down with a Cena appearance, I was really under whelmed.

Now call me a mark but this was the most note worthy part of Raw; the verbal spa between Kevin Nash and CM Punk.  Enjoy, see ya next week.


~ by ATOM on August 17, 2011.

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