WWE Summerslam (results and review)

Last year Summerslam was kind of a dud and this year I’ve got a feeling this year could be quite the same scenario.  There was definitely a lack of building up to about 80% of the card and the double main event are the same 2 matches from Money in the Bank (Punk vs Cena and Orton vs Christian)  With a twist on the Punk/Cena match since now we know Punk has signed and with Triple H in the mix, this could go many different ways.  The rest of the card I either don’t care much about or just plain don’t know who’s fighting who.  The WWE has treated this years Summerslam like a UFC card pushing the two main events and giving less than 2 shits about the rest.  In any case here’s what happened and my two cents.  Hopefully it won’t be a “Bummerslam” (eh!?)

Dark Match: Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler (for the IC title perhaps???)

I can’t comment cause I’m not there but I can report via: CM Punk’s twitter that CeeLo was warming up backstage wearing a Danzig Shirt. If he came out and played “Mother” instead of whatever stupid song he’s gonna play I’d order every replay of Summerslam on PPV.

Dolph wins it with a Zagnut or whatever his finishing move was called.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Miz, R-Truth and Del Rio vs John Morrison, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston

This is a Raw match at best, putting these 6 guys in a mixed tag is a waste of time. I would rather see them in singles competition but I’m guessing again the 2 main events are going to be lengthy matches.   Couple good spots (here say) and Rey gets the pin fall after a 619.  Me thinks since Del Rio was so low in the card that we may see him later in the night, but who knows.

Winners: John Morrison, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston

Punk and Stephanie Mcmahon have a backstage spot, funny stuff from what people report.  Me no see yet.

Mark Henry vs Shamus; Missed this one too but I heard there was a lot of destruction; but no sound guy got hurt so my interest level is low.

Winner: Mark Henry via countout.

-tuned in-

CLo is dressed in a sparkly judge’s rob and I never realized how short and fat he is.  The Bella’s look like they have a half a foot on this guy…not that it matters, it just stuck out and I’m superficial.  His performance was OK, he played that “Fuck You” song without saying it, which is always awesome.  He finished his performance by looking into the camera and doing the international sign for cunnilingus.  Excellent.

Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix for the Divas Title:

Kelly Kelly literally screamed her way through an actual entertaining match that had Kelly Kelly win in what most would see as an upset but it furthers the angle and sets up an inevitable win for Beth later on.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

Backstage spot with R-Truth and Jimmy Hart….oh i get…little Jimmy! hahaha. also Ron Artest and his daughter (I think) showed up for no reason.

Stephanie backstage again, exiting Cena’s locker room.  Insinuating that she blew him.  (Oral sex; theme of the night)

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett.

Daniel Bryan is finally starting to catch on with the WWE Universe more and more, lots of cheers for him during the match.  Cole called him a nerd alot which is getting super annoying and needs to stop.  Both of these guys (Barrett and Bryan) work great and and it’s true what the announcer’s say, these guys truly are the future of the WWE, and I believe Daniel Bryan could really hit Bret Hart type status.  He works very crisp and makes his opponent look excellent in all his matches. The WWE really needs to give this guy some rope and let him rattle off a classic at a PPV soon.  This one was close but the finish wasn’t anything special.  Barrett hits Wasteland for the win.  Good match for both guys though.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Christian vs Randy Orton (No Holds Barred) for the World Heavyweight Championship Title.

The match starts with Edge making a surprise appearance after Christian comes out to the ring.  Edge gets on his case for being a bad Christian (wink).  He calls him a bitch and reminds him to watch “Haven” on USA Monday night.  Edge exits the ring and Randy Orton comes down and the match starts.  Staple Center has a lot of love for Christian regardless.  The long awaited return of the Kendo stick from Christian early in the match as they celebrate the no DQ rules.  Lots of hardcore bumps and Orton finally RKO’ed Christian through the Spanish announcers table .  Under neither the ring is completely emptied out for some crazy bumps and the match reached it’s end with an RKO onto the ring steps.  A truly fantastic match, props to both guys from putting on a long and entertaining match all the way through that might be hard to top…We shall see.

Winner: Randy Orton (New World Heavyweight Champion)

CM Punk vs John Cena (for the WWE Title…both of em)

First to the ring is “The Chaperon” of the match Triple H (see what I did there) afterward he is followed by CM Punk to a pretty big pop.  He does his “It’s clobberin time” introduction and I turn off the TV in satisfaction.  (lie)  Cena comes out last to his usual mixed reaction which always makes you wonder if tonight is the night.  (Heel turn you noob!)  The crowd is more over to CM Punk in my opinion but very hot non the less as the match starts with vintage grappling.  Also vintage “you can’t wrestle” chant breaks out after the start of the match. (maybe for Cena) Alot of back and forth action very crisp and clean.  After an outside bump Triple H counts to 9 and then goes out the ring and throws them each guy back inside.  Bigger spots after they are dragged into the ring for the home stretch.   Each guy kicks out of a finisher and questions Triple H counting the 2.  Punk hits a huge elbow off the top rope and the crowd breaks into a Randy Savage chant (awesome!) Finally Punk gets the upper hand and hits a second GTS and gets a pin fall with Cena’s  foot on the rope, but H missed it.  It doesn’t matter…Punk wins; new WWE champion.

Winner: CM Punk.

During Punk’s in ring celebration out of the stands runs…..wait…..wait….Kevin Nash! (didnt see that coming, no sarcasm) Nash jack knife powerbombs Punk and leaves quickly with a confused Triple H at ring side.  Seconds after the pandemonium winds down here comes Alberto Del Rio.  He cashes in his money in the bank, quick kick to the head and Del Rio is the new Champion.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio. (New WWE Champ)
Quick Celebration as they inch toward 11 and that’s how the PPV ends.

Overall Grade A- (Moneys worth, weak undercard, strong main event(s), big surprises)

Well Summerslam was for sure a step up from last years event with a show stealing match by Randy Orton and Cristian, a good undercard match with Daniel Bryan and Wade Barret.  The main event also did not disappoint and gave us a HUGE surprise with the return of Kevin Nash and having him screw Punk out of the WWE Title.  I wasn’t 100% surprised Del Rio won the title as reports have been saying the WWE is touring Mexico in September so it makes sense.   If anything Summerslam makes you super pumped for Monday Night Raw tomorrow.  I’d say things are definitely on the up swing for the WWE as they are finally giving the fans some exciting matches and unpredictability.  Also I want to add that’s back to back outstanding Pay-Per-View showing for the WWE.   The summer of Punk rolls on,  Raw report coming tuesday.  Enjoy the show everyone.



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