Dear Facebook, you’re fucked!

Super fun hacker group Anonymous is at it again, this time it’s target is your favorite work place distraction; Facebook.  November 5th 2011 Anonymous plans to corn-hole the social media site and take away your right to see other people’s vacation pictures and find out what everyone else had for dinner while you scratch yourself.   Their main beef is facebook’s lack of privacy and not being forth right about said privacy.  For that, I say this current generation is no longer “worried” about their privacy, and aren’t you guys Hackers? As in hacking into my computer and looking at my dick pics! (nice eh’) In my opinion this has very little to do with disingenuous privacy setting.  Facebook is just a big white whale that Anonymous has set it’s sights on for the sake such as me posting about it.     Check out the article below and tremble in fear.  If they actually do it, I think it would be hilarious…and expect me at your door step so I can show you my new favorite “Guile’s music goes with everything” youtube video, cause I can’t send it via facebook.,news-12126.html


~ by ATOM on August 10, 2011.

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