New on DVD this week.

"Your gonna wish this movie was real when I tell you whats coming out on DVD today"

New to DVD this week (8/9/2011) Get ready for a week of total SHIT!  Now let me preface this by admitting I have not viewed a one of these movies, but that’s not my fault…they should have been better and maybe I would have seen them.  I guess my number 1 pick would be the movie i WANTED to see but I just didn’t have the motivation.

1. Paul (R) Two sci-fi geeks stumble upon an alien on a road trip. (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen) I Enjoy Simon Pegg and Nick Frost very much so I will “eventually” gives this one a go.

2 You’re Highness (R) (get it, high…shut up!) Two brothers set off on quest to rescue damsel in distress. (Danny McBride [Thadeous], James Franco [Fabious], Natalie Portman [Isabel])  The trailer looked dumb (but did include Portman’s bum which I was ok with, I’m only human people!) and from the reviews I read this was a total phone job, view at your own risk.

3 Mars Needs Mom’s (PG)  Boy must rescue his mother from Martian kidnappers. (Seth Green (voice), Dan Fogler (voice), Joan Cusack (voice))I’m not the biggest fan of kids movies but if there’s enough buzz i give em a go and its usually worth it (see: The Incredibles, Toy Story, UP) But this was a flop so I’m keeping my distance.

4  Super (R) Loser reinvents himself as a DIY superhero. (Rain Wilson, Ellen Page)  This movie had buzz cause Ellen Page is in a skin tight super hero suit, but then I remembered she has the body of a 9 year old boy so PASS!

5.  (WILD CARD) M.A.S.K. (The Complete Series) 80’s cartoon that little people remember…not midgets I mean a limited amount of people (what you said it)  I liked it when I was a kid but I’ll probably hate if I watched it now, because kids have terrible taste.  I wouldn’t pay 99.99 for the complete series but I’d stream the shit out of it on netflix (not streaming)

Remember!? just me huh.


~ by ATOM on August 9, 2011.

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