Bands to watch for…

Do you like Vikings, epic battles and random conquering?…Of Course you do!…Well then fest your ears on Turisas, A folk metal band from Finland. Turisas fans call their music “battle metal” probably because every song sounds like an epic tale of valor and triumph. the kind of stuff you want to be listening to when you charge into battle. Turisas is named after the ancient Finnish god of war so you know these guys aren’t fucking around. Their live shows consist of fans drinking flagons of ale and doing the Russian dance of joy in a big disgusting circle of dirt and victory. They are currently touring on they’re 3rd album “Stand Up And Fight” below is the single “stand up and fight” and the video has a very Mad Max feel to it.  So kick back, enjoy and have a flagon of ale on me.




~ by ATOM on August 8, 2011.

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